Sonas Travel

How to Pay

DPS is a unique payment system, designed to make life a lot simpler for both tour organisers and students.

With many schools now insisting that they cannot handle any money from students, DPS has been designed to simplify payment for students while giving the organising teacher all of the access and control they once had, but now without any of the hassle!

Benefits for students

  • Each individual student is given a payment plan – DPS allow them to see when instalments are due and for how much.
  • The Stripe-powered interface allows students to make payments accordingly, knowing that the payment made is secure.
  • No need for bank transfers, no need to carry money or cheques into school, no problems around knowing when payments are due or for how much.

Benefits for the organising teacher

  • You don’t handle any money – all payments are direct from the student to Sonas Travel.
  • DPS has a unique facility for the organising teacher that allows you to track their group’s payments – you can see where payments are overdue at a glance. You don’t even need to keep your own records!
  • We work with you to agree a payment plan that suits your school. Every school is different and DPS allow us and you the flexibility to make it suit your needs.
  • Extra student added? Student drops out? Not a problem – DPS allows for all of the usual changes that arise in school tour bookings.

DPS was conceived from understanding what schools need – not just a question of organising payments to suit the tour company.

Organising a school tour just got a whole lot easier through booking with Sonas Travel!